Holly Lowe

Data Scientist and Machine Learner

Holly Lowe is ridiculously talented at everything she does. Just to prove that she came in the top 10% of her MIT Greater Learning Course. MIT!!!


Holly has done lots of amazing stuff - check it all out below!

Song Recommendation System

Creating a top 10 song recommendation for a user on a music streaming platform such as Spotify, using exploration of various recommendation models including: Collaboration Based Filtering, KNN, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), Content Based Filtering and Clustering. Carefully considering the problem and the nature of music recommendations. Training the models and measuring their performance and making decisions upon how to proceed.

Perfect Movie Night

Holly has created a system that will tell you what movie to watch specific to exact mood, food and wine you currently have

Job "Search"

Simply enter your top 10 favourite novels and Holly will tell you what job you should apply for!
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